Gift Voucher - the perfect present!

Give away a memorable experience, at Lanterns Viet Kitchen.

Surprise your family, friends and loved ones with a gift voucher from Lanterns Viet Kitchen. We promise to deliver a visit with high quality service and delicious food. You will find yourselves on an exciting culinary journey with our traditional recipes from Vietnam, after all Vietnamese food always provides an explosion of colour and flavour on a plate. 


The gift voucher provides the guests to book a day/night whenever they want and, to choose their favourites from our various menu. A perfect gift for someone who enjoys food and a perfect gift to give if you want to extend the celebration for another night.

Submit your order below, please note that the order is not confirmed until a representative calls to finalise the payment.

Jack Ackland

My girlfriend and I had a really nice time, tasting different dishes together. She thought it was a romantic gift and perfect date night. I think she will be getting one for me on my Birthday.

Linda Jason

A perfect gift for someone who enjoys food and wants to try somerhing out of the ordinary. I loved my present!

Courtney Wilson

Amazing! My mother inlaw loved her present. We went together and had an amazing time drinking wine and delicious food. 

Gift Voucher Details

If you request the voucher via mail there is a $3 fee for postage and handling. 

Thank you for choosing Lanterns for your special gift. We will be in contact with you shortly to confirm your order.