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Lanterns Viet Kitchen
LVK Catering 


Lanterns Viet Kitchen provide an explosion of flavours with specialized Vietnamese dishes that will add a spicy twist to your event.  

But wait, there’s more…..we have partnered with other great local kitchens including:

 Zitto e Mangia – Nonna’s homecooked Italian pastas & more

 The Arancini Mann – the BEST arancini in Melbourne

 Wingin It – all sorts of crunchy chicken goodness

 Sugar Hi – to satisfy that sweet tooth craving

LVK Catering haven’t forgotten your party food favs. Party pies & sausage rolls, classic & gourmet. Is your mouth watering yet?

Then let the amazing team in our kitchen in the heart of Clyde North conjure up scrumptious delights for you and your guests to devour. Whether you're throwing a wild party, celebrating a milestone, or hashing out world-changing ideas in a meeting, we've got your back!

Our gourmet offerings are like food fireworks for your events:

  • Finger food that'll tickle every taste bud.

  • Sharing platters for a communal feast that'll have your guests high-fiving.

  • Individual meal boxes for those who like to claim their delicious territory.

  • Packages to suit every budget because awesome food doesn't have to break the bank.

  • We're your dietary fairy godmother, offering options for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free foodies.


Want the juicy details? Check out our gourmet catering menu that'll have you drooling in anticipation. Remember, you can mix and match cuisines to create your perfect culinary feast and make your taste buds do the cha-cha.

Quick Reminders:

  • Please give us 48 hours' notice to work our culinary magic.

  • Our minimum order is a delightful $150.

  • Your culinary adventure starts once we send you an invoice, and we'd love to have your payment 48 hours before your event.

  • You can pick up your culinary treasures from Clyde North, or we can sprinkle some delivery magic (delivery charges apply).

  • If some items are playing hide and seek in our kitchen, we'll let you know and suggest a delicious alternative!

Planning an event has never been this exciting:

  1. Dive into our catering menu, handpick your favourites, and leave the culinary masterpiece to us.

  2. Shoot us an email with your event details, and our awesome team will swoop in like food superheroes!

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